“Map and Territory” – International Art Exhibition

Humans live in a mapped world: country, region, race, nationality, class, culture, concept, belief forming boundaries and barriers, defining and distinguishing people from each other in order to construct a collective and individual identity. People experience psychological transformations in the process of migration and displacement, seeking identity in heterogeneous cultures and a consensus in a spiritual world full of divergence. Often, people can cross the map of geography, but it is very difficult to cross the map of the spirit.

Maps and Territories is an on going international art project sponsored by IRCCA International Center for Contemporary Art Research. It attempts to explore this worldwide issue through a series of exhibitions, forums and workshops.

The artists invited to this exhibition come from different countries and regions, and all have the experience of living or working in foreign countries. These experiences will be reflected in their creations, as their works show a blending of cultural characteristics.

It is undoubtedly of great significance to discuss this issue in the form of art in view of the rise of a worldwide nationalism.

Curated by:
Li Xinmo (China) & Roland von der Emden (Germany/Sweden)

Dr. Cinzia Cremona, (UK/Italy)  
Cao Kefei (Switzerland/China)
Doug(las) Lewis (Canada)
Filippo Cardella (Italy) & Anna Fang (China)
Frederik Foert (Germany)
Franziska Greber (Switzerland)
Zhen Guo (America/China)
Jaroslaw Balinski (Poland)
Niamh Cunningham (Ireland)
Martin Derbyshire (UK)
Tami Xiang (Australia/China)
Shameera Wiest (India/America)

Academic Advisor: Cinzia Cremona (UK/Italy), Susanne Matz (Germany)

Critics: Cao Keyuan (China), Doug(las) Lewis (Canada),
Michael Simon (Switzerland)

Sponsors: Beijing Geely University
IRCCA International Research Center for Contemporary Art

Organiser: Department of External and Communication
The School of Humanities and Design

Opening: 2:00 p.m., November 20, 2018
Exhibition time: November 20 - December 20, 2018
Location: The Library of Geely University, Beijing / China

“Map and Territory” – International Art Exhibition 2018