Frederik Foert, Germany

Frederik Foert was born in 1971 in Munich, Germany. He studied fine art at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art & Design, Halle/Saale and at the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster, Germany, where he mastered in „Totalkunst“ and sculpture in the year 2000. Since then Frederik Foert‘s work is shown in galleries, museums and collections internationally, in Europe, America and China.

He teaches art and design at BAI Berlin Art Institut, HFF Film University, Babelsberg, UDK University of Arts, Berlin and Beijing University of Technology.
Frederik Foert lives and works in Berlin, Germany, Vienna, Austria and Beijing, China.
Confronting the perfidities of day-to-day life, Frederik Foert constantly rearranges his household and generates small cinematic moments by constructing kinetic objects. In his work, Foert creates motion studies of several kinds. Ignoring the laws of physics, he builds artistic experimental set- ups out of everyday items.

Now, it’s not enough to see Frederik Foert as a tinkerer who’s interested in surprising mechanical connections. It’s precisely his narrative skill that constitutes the complexity of his works. Because the way he deals with objects is also the way he deals with much more delicate material: the countless levels of meaning that are inherent in the world of things, as well as the doublings of this world of things in the numerous worlds of images that surround us. All that myth-shrouded stuff lying around. Glamour and nostalgia, movie plots, fashion, and music. Current and bygone trends. Wanderlust, the feeling of being alive, wildness, horror, desires, and dreams.... It’s a large-scale sampling technique that Frederik Foert uses to cut through everything in order to suddenly tie together the most remote points with his keen senses.

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Frederik Foert

where eagles dare and lions sleep Frederik Foert
Where eagles dare and lions sleep - Frederik Foert

To live is to fly - Frederik Foert
To live is to fly - Frederik Foert