Doug(las) Lewis, Canada

Doug(las) Lewis was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and presently residing in Beijing, China. He works as an artist, curator, musician and IB art teacher. Lewis attained his MA from Chelsea College of Art and Design (London, UK, 2006). His art practice explores psychological gaps between private and public environments. His research and exploration include the mediums of performance, video, photography, audio, installation, painting and sculpture.
Recent exhibitions include Susak Art Expo, Croatia, and Legal Aliens, Yuan Art Museum, AMNUA, Nanjing, China. His exhibition record includes galleries in cities across Canada, in the USA, England, Croatia, South Korea and China. His work is in private and museum collections in Canada, USA and China.
“At present I am researching a very two very different phenomenon – our psychological fascination with “the screen” both as an interface and as a metaphor. I am interested in cognitive shifting that occurs between sound and vision: sensations, expectations and psychological slippages. Sound and vison divide our social space and our realities. Screens or objects like them are interfaces, but in the end, they are just things. The second is an investigation into our sense of what “place” means. Both maps and the inherent territories they define, demarcate "place". All of them have to do with the concept of "boundaries" and what differentiates the space you inhabit from my personal space?
Selected exhibitions he has curated include Winnipeg Art Gallery (Canada), Plug In ICA (Canada), CAG (Caochangdi Art Gallery, Beijing), Homestead Gallery (London, UK), Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art (London, UK), MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA), Art Gallery of Markham (Canada) - AGM, Mississauga Art Gallery MAG (Canada), Surrey Art Gallery SAG and Plug In ICA (Canada), Nanjing Art Museum (China)

"Lewis blurs cultural anthropology (ethnography) and art, and calibrates things materially by throwing in (and sharing) his perspective" - Gilles Hebert

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Doug(las) Lewis

Grand World   Mixed Media installation: di-bond and mylar photo prints, video, sculpture.  2016
Grand World   Mixed Media installation: di-bond and mylar photo prints, video, sculpture.  2016

Ink Me in Beijing 2016, Digital Print on DiBond
Ink Me in Beijing 2016, Digital Print on DiBond

Antonioni Knows, Video Installation, 2010 
Antonioni Knows, Video Installation, 2010